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Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Irvine & Newport Beach. Bilingual.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Irvine & Newport Beach. Bilingual.


Lic # PSY24705



Lic # PSY24705

Who I Am

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Irvine


My office or your home

Making the decision to seek therapy is difficult. It takes a courageous person to be willing to look at him or her self and say "I think I need some help." Many times it is our friends and family that tell us to seek this help, still - the individual is the one that needs to follow through with this request and it is difficult.

So, Congratulations! Looking for a psychologist in Irvine or Newport Beach is the first step in trying to feel better.

My Philosophy

Natalie Reinfeld's Philosophy

The majority of difficulties we experience in our life probably have something to do with relationships. Either the relationship with ourselves, our family, our friends, our jobs, our environment, etc. We have a tendency, many times without knowing, to remake the type of relationships we experienced early in our lives. Therapy helps in shining some light into these type of patterns. We can play detective a bit. Figure out triggers, thoughts, feelings, behaviors; all surrounding the problem we are experiencing. The therapeutic relationship serves as a safe relationship to play out all the patterns and adopt new ones. 

Who I am


As a therapist I am first and foremost authentic, real. It is through authenticity that individuals feel safe and are able to establish a relationship in which all discussions can be had. Honest feedback is provided between the client and I. We get to learn from one another in the journey until it is time to say goodbye and continue the journey without each other.

My Therapy

Life Moments


Changes in relationship

Changes in Identity/roles

Women Issues

Trauma & PTSD


Psychosis Disorders

Bipolar Disorders

Trauma, PTSD



New mothers

Baby Blues

Postpartum Depression


Sessions & Payment

Additional Information

Sessions are 50 minutes in length weekly. There is flexibility on times and place. You can come to my Irvine / Newport Beach office or I can go to you. 

I understand it is difficult to carve out time in a busy day. I am able to offer in home visits (concierge) if needed. This is something we can discuss on our first 30 minute free consultation. 

Now accepting Blue Shield insurance!

Private Pay and ability to provide a Super Bill for insurances if you need it.


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Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Irvine & Newport Beach.

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Natalie Reinfeld, PsyD

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